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Learn from the past, acknowledge & explore the present, design for the future.

Maintaining a stressless and positive mentality I am able to thrive within complexity whilst staying grounded and focused.

Working under pressure I can handle a project on my own initiative, whilst understanding the value and benefits of an effective team environment.

With a core dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, I love to push ideas from conception to realisation with seriousness of academia and playfulness of wonder; an endless creative feedback loop.

The Innovation Design Engineering course where I gained my MA/MSc is a creative hub of beautifully interesting and uniquely talented minds, from a variety of countries and backgrounds (from aerospace engineers to fashion designers). There is a certain type of mind-set in collaborative environments like IDE that enables transition between introvert to extrovert, flow-state to deep debate. I believe this is the recipe for true innovation; a multidisciplinary team working potentially far from their education with great focus and collective foresight to holistically investigate and output something truly original and meaningful. Innovation is a mind-set, a desire to explore, create and improve, turning imagination into reality for a better world.


- Oxfam (Freelance Design Consultant)

- Royal College of Art & Imperial College (Freelance)

- British Council Living Research: Made in China (Research)

- United Visual Artists (Freelance)

- Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (Freelance)

- Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design, Imperial College Business  School (Personal Project)

- InnovationRCA Incubation (Personal Project)



- Royal College of Art & Imperial College // Innovation Design Engineering // MA+MSc (2010-12)

- Central Saint Martin’s // Product design // BA Honours (2007-10)

Product Designer
I love to make, I love to theorise, I love to see the positive effect of innovation.
Videographer, Video Editor.
Condensing moment into stories
Infographics, Graphic Designer
Anything from logos to book publishing

I love this term, commonly used in many countries; " a person who can problem solve anything for others"

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