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A new handwashing kit that is low cost, durable, easy to use, and easy to assemble.

Design Consultant: Field tester, Photography and Videography

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What is the future of personal health data? A question that took my fascination and lead to an enquiry into how our perception and knowledge of the organism we inhabit would increase in the coming years.

The output was an interface for your health information, based on blood tests and genomics, and encrypted for security.

The Dual Master's with Royal College of Art and Imperial College allowed me to explore not only design for better life but also how life is affected by design.



Foroba Yelen (collective Light)

Portable solar lighting for rural villages in Mali, Africa

Foroba Yelen was a collaboration between staff and students from the Innovation Design Engineering......


Pulse - Interactive sports equipment for schools

Portable, battery powered units can be placed in a playground, each unit has RGB lights and kids have RFID wristbands. Multiple games can be selected and played with point system and level difficulty, the aim is to gamify physical play. This project was inspired to tackle the lack of physical play in a digital society.

A collaboration with Chris Natt and Gaurav Raut. With sponsorship from Rio Tinto.


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