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The Future of Craft - GoGlobal

A cross collage collaboration between Royal College of art and National Institute of Design in India.

Creating unique and meaningful objects which deepen the connection between artisan, buyer and receiver. The focus of this project was to save depleting craft by cross pollenation with new technology.


A hand crafted object embodies the unique talent passed down throw generations, exactly what mass manufacturing objects lack. What if an object embodied the users as well?

Identity is based around the idea that genetic sequencing will become globally affordable and assessable in the coming years.




The process collaborates digital and physical artisans, maintaining cultural craftsmanship whilst enabling new and wonderful pieces of design can be created for the desires of modern society.

The digital artisans are given the genetic data which they can digitally craft. The digital object can either be hand crafted or 3d printed and decorated by the physical artisan.


The idea of genetic design is on the horizon and it redefine how we perceive objects and material.

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